Dry needling

What is Dry Needling?

Within FysioFit Amsterdam we offer various treatment methods. This also includes Dry Needling. Dry needling is a treatment method that ensures that tense muscles are effectively treated by thin needles. By puncturing these painful muscles, by means of Dry Needling, the muscle can relax quickly and for a long time. This is part of a total treatment aimed at improving (possible chronic) muscle complaints.

How does dry needling work?

With the help of special thin needles (0.25 mm or 0.30 mm) we reach the characteristic painful points (buttons / hardenings) in the muscles, we call these trigger points. These hardening (myofascial trigger points) can be caused by prolonged postures, stress, accident, overload in athletes, reduced sleep and prolonged inactivity (due to plaster). Because the needle reaches a trigger point, a reflex of the muscle is created by tightening and relaxing again. The painful trigger point is thus reduced to removed, so that your pain disappears and your muscle function can function optimally again. Dry needling is performed in our practice by certified physiotherapists. 

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