Our physiotherapists are registered in the Central Quality Register Physiotherapy (CKR)This means that the physiotherapists meet the quality requirements drawn up by the KNGF. These requirements have been established by the Policy Body for the Central Quality Register (BOCK)To qualify for this, we meet the following points:

  •  One of the requirements within the CKR is to obtain credits through training.
  • We are registered in the BIG Register. The aim of the BIG Act is to promote and monitor quality in health care by the government. This law also protects the patient against incompetent and careless actions by the care provider.
  • We participate in the complaints procedure of the KNGF, which complies with the Law on Complaints for Clients in the Healthcare Sector.
  • We work in accordance with the KNGF guidelines.
  • We work closely with specialists and third parties.

Complaints procedure

Within FysioFit Amsterdam we attach great importance to your satisfaction and that is precisely why we hope that you will make any complaints known to us. Physiotherapy practice FysioFit Amsterdam has an extensive complaints procedure in order to be able to treat your complaints adequately and seriously. There are several options for making a complaint known:

  • Patients can contact the physiotherapist directly.
  • Patients can contact the practice owners directly.
  • Patients can start an official complaints procedure through the complaints procedure of the KNGF. The brochures are in our waiting room.