Physiotherapy is in principle reimbursed by your insurance if you have additional insurance. How many treatments you are reimbursed depend on your condition and your policy. Check your policy for how many treatments you are (still) insured. If you are not additionally insured for physiotherapy, you can still see a physiotherapist. However, the costs are then for your own account. Below is an overview of the rates.

  • Regular physiotherapy session

    30 min. €39,-

  • Screening and Intake and Examination physiotherapy

    30 min. €50,-

  • Intake and Examination after Referral physiotherapy

    30 min. €50,-

  • Hijama (wet cupping)

    10 cups. €40,-

  • Personal training

    60 min. €60,-

  • Missed appointments

    (indien niet binnen 24 uur geannuleerd) €39,-

  • Surcharge for treatment at home


  • Sportmassage

    30 min. 30 euro,-

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